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User Agreement

By using this site and/or any of our services, or services associated with our contractors, employees, partners, & vendors the user agrees to be abide by Marvel Home Services terms of service and other user policies with the implicit understanding that these may be subject to change with/without notice. In the event of a dispute arising from a transaction with Marvel Home Services, user agrees to be bound to the cancellation, rescheduling, and other relevant parties enacted and enforced by Marvel Home Services.

“With Marvel I have an incredible working relationship as they have the same standards as I do and are so open to feedback. Their communication and work ethos are impeccable..”

Terms of Service


All forms of communication with Marvel Home Services are recorded for quality assurance purposes. By agreeing to these terms of service you agree to receive monitored electronic communications from us, including via email, text message, calls, and push notifications.

Flat Rate Pricing

Our flat-rate services are results-based cleans. Unlike our hourly rate services, they’re not solely dependent on time limits. We’ll keep working down the checklist of tasks corresponding to the service you’ve booked (plus any extras you’ve selected) until everything’s been cleaned to our standards. If the clean does exceed the time window expected for your appointment, billing will be switched to hourly services until the clean is completed. Hourly rate is subject to local pricing in your area.

Flat-rate pricing does not include services such as picking up clutter, organization, deep cleaning of surfaces that have not been cleaned for over six weeks, excessive trash removal, pet waste, human waste, and any other similar condition. Services to address such conditions might be able to be added to a service depending on the severity, but at an additional rate & subject to local management approval.

All pathways are expected to be free of clutter. Any instance of excessive clutter that prevents the cleaners from walking, reaching the surfaces of the home and completing the appointment, will result in the appointment being canceled and a late cancellation fee being charged.

Payment Methods & Procedures

Payment is due on the day of service, immediately after completion. As an online platform Marvel Home Services does not accept cash or electronic payment methods such as Zelle, Paypal, Venmo, and the like. In order to reserve an appointment with a Marvel Home Services team, a payment method must be added to the appointment in order to secure your appointment slot.

For corporate accounts, please get in touch to speak to us about our NET15 & NET30 payout options.

Once your appointment has been reserved, a team is assigned to the job and you are all set! You will see an authorization hold placed 24/hours before the arrival of your cleaning team. Do not worry, this is just to ensure fund availability and is not a charge posted to your account (will show as 'pending'). Please ensure this goes through as the online system will automatically cancel any appointments whose payment method returns 'insufficient funds' or other payment gateway errors.

After the cleaners have left your home, you'll see the invoice has been sent to your email & the charge will finish posting the following day.

Refunds & Guarantees of Service

While every cleaning is backed by the “Marvelous Home Guarantee”, there are some limitations concerning unique situations and areas that require a specialist to clean. Marvel Home Services does NOT promise the removal of stains such as rust, mildew, mold, lime caused by hard water build-up, and any other issues arising from disrepair or a general lack of maintenance.

If the client is not satisfied with the quality of the initial service requested and provided by Marvel Home Services, then Marvel Home Services may send another or the same team tore-perform the service (reclean) ordered at no additional charge to the client. Marvel Home Services DOES NOT offer full or partial refunds. We ONLY offer a free reclean/s on the area/s that we missed. Re-cleans are NOT available for hourly cleans, Move in/out or post-construction cleanings. If one of your services fall under hourly cleans, Move-in/out please reach out to us ASAP.

In these situations where a complaint is later made, a reclean may be offered as a courtesy only and MUST be known to Marvel Home Services no later than 24 hours after the service has been rendered UNLESS IT WON’T BE VALID for RE-CLEAN. Recleans are utilized to address specific problem areas that has missed and will not be used as a full cleaning

Clients should reference the Cleaning Checklist for Marvel Home Services’ scope of work for standard cleans, Airbnb cleans, etc. Clients will be asked for photo documentation for validation purposes. Requests for recleans without sufficient evidence will not be honored. Recleans must be performed within 36 hours of the original cleaning. In extreme rare circumstances, If a reclean is unable to be scheduled AFTER 36HOURS due to Marvel Home Services conflicts, a discounted future cleaning may be offered instead. Please note that if a client or approved party is present during the clean, it is the client’s responsibility to let the cleaner(s) know whether there are issues before they leave.

Rescheduling & Cancellation Policies

You may reschedule your scheduled service, free of charge, if the request is made more than 48hours from the scheduled service start time.

You may also cancel a requested service any time. Cancellation fees are charged based on the proximity of your cancellation request to your appointment date.

Cancellations are free up to 48 hours before your appointment date.

Cancellations of service within 48 hours of the scheduled service time are subject to a cancellation fee amounting in up to 50% of the appointment cost. Cancellation fees charged in the event Marvel Home Services is unable to gain entry to the service location within 60 minutes of our arrival are subject to a cancellation fee amounting in up to 100% of the total appointment cost.

Marvel Home Services will not be expected to perform any cleaning services while other workers are in your home. This includes painters, plumbers, contractors, etc.

  1. Cleaners will not move appliances. If you need or want cleaning to occur behind or under an appliance, you must arrange to have those appliances moved.
  2. Cleaners will not lift heavy objects like furniture, appliances and etc
  3. Cleaners will not clean anything above arm’s reach unless reachable with the assistance of a two-step stool/stepping ladder.
  4. Cleaners will not clean in a home that contains hazardous materials
  5. Cleaners will not clean areas that are contaminated with black mold. If you have black mold, you should seek the services of a professional mold remediation company.
  6. Cleaners will not be able to complete a job if there is the presence of pests or rodents in the residence.

If you have a scheduled appointment with any of the services mentioned above on the same day of your cleaning service, or need to make time for situations 1-6, please call us to reschedule to avoid being charged any cancellation/rescheduling fees.

Solicitation Agreement

Marvel Home Services has a strict NO SOLICITATION policy. Violators engaged in the solicitation of any services with a previous or current Marvel Home Services staff member within a year of their last date of service with Marvel Home Services agrees to pay a fee of no less than $5,000 & no greater than $15,000 for each instance of solicitation. By agreeing to these terms of service, you agree to these solicitation policies and the value attributed to each solicited employee's contribution to the businesses operations by Marvel Home Services and hereby back this agreement with your personal guarantee.

Special Surfaces & Liabilities

We require to be informed of items or surfaces needing special care. We are NOT responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of any item. All surfaces (i.e. marble, granite, hardwood floors, etc.) are assumed sealed and ready to clean without causing harm. Furniture on wood floors is assumed to have proper protection. Client is required to provide specific handling or cleaning instructions for items or surfaces that need special care. Marvel Home Services assumes no liability for the occurrence of any of the above instances and/or any damages, losses, or estoppel. User agrees to indemnify Marvel Home Services and it's agents for any of these situations, similar situations, acts of god, or any other issues not caused by willful and deliberate negligence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marvel Home Services?

Marvel Home Services is a home services platform offering house cleanings & other various services needed to maintain your home's luxurious qualities. Book your services online using our booking portal here or call us over the phone to reserve your appointment with one of our customer service team members.

How much does a house cleaning cost?

The cost of having your home serviced depends on the specifics of your home & the service requested for your home's specific situation. We offer a variety of different house cleaning packages to cover wide range of scenarios such as standard cleanings, deep cleans, short term rental cleans & turnovers, as well as post-construction cleaning.

To receive an online quote, please visit our online booking page here

What is the difference between your different cleaning options?

Some cleaning options are perfect for recurring maintenance home cleans of your personal residence, while some options are great for property managers looking to streamline their Airbnb cleanings. Whether your personal property, an investment home, or a new development project, Marvel Home Services has the house cleaning & home service professionals you need to get the job done right!

View services here to learn more about our different service options

How do I get started with ordering my house clean?

You can place an online reservation for your cleaning appointment here to get started in less than 3 minutes. Not comfortable doing online appointments? Give us a call and one of our customer support staff members will be more than happy to assist you in getting your reservation set!

Do you accept cash or zelle payments?

Unfortunately as an online platform Marvel Home Services does not accept cash or Zelle payments at this time. In order to reserve a time for your house cleaning appointment, a payment method must be added to your profile at the time of booking.

No worries though! There will be an authorization placed for the reservation total 24-hours before your cleaning team's arrival but nothing is charged until after the cleaning appointment is completed!

Do you offer discounts for recurring customers?

We do offer discounts for residential customers who schedule regularly recurring house cleaning appointments through our online booking portal. Please keep in mind, any missed or cancelled appointments from your recurring schedule will remove any discount from your upcoming appointments.

What are your cancellation/rescheduling policies?

Marvel Home Services takes it's commitment to our customers very seriously and have a variety of different policies in place to help maintain this commitment. We understand life happens fast, and have flexible cancellation/rescheduling policies to help you take back control over your cleaning schedule.

For a full list of our user terms of service and policies visit this page

Is there a person I can talk to about servicing my home?

Absolutely! You can reach us via phone or by email.

Phone: (760) 388-6525